• Making Art Not War

    Shann Ferreira

    Graphic Designer, Artist & Muse


    was a year of healing through creative expression and design. I painted every day for a year. I was inspired by my own emotional awareness and experiences.



    Weekly, I will continue to paint. A wider variety of mediums will be used. I will focus on my interactions with others and how these experiences influence me.



    Email me at shann@makingartnotwar.com

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  • 2016

    Purple Rain

    The Music stopped.

    Savoring the Silence

    When life gets gets hectic, savor the quiet at the end of the day.

    Crazy Days- SELF PORTRAIT

    Back at it. The busy season has arrived, so I'm back to mini creations of art until May

    Ink Wars @ Creative South

    The theme "Faster than a speeding bullet"

    My approach was very personal, when your nickname is Ruger and above your desk is a custom wood built painted logo of a Ruger This had to be my approach not my usual style. Notice, I have good groupings.....


    Creative South Bookbinding class!

    Thanks Mike Lawson and all his awesome screenprints

    80's Deck- inspired by my 80s music playlist
    and my recent return to airbrushing....

    Pinocchi-ho 2

    Back to my alcohol ink backgrounds on wood.
    I got to play with airbrush for this sexy board.

    It's focus is on flawed beauty and the reality of no matter how sexy you feel, 
    you always see the flaws

    Alphabet City was created by using airbrush and vinyl letters inspired by the pillars of typography and design that will be @ Creative South

    Vending with Coworkerfriendco.com at Creative South

    Let the deck painting begin....

    This is combining my alcohol inks on wood decks. This was inspired by the introverts that have trouble in big crowds and conferences.

    Weeks 5 and 6

    Sometimes a situation with a friend is more important that your art initiative. A friend that is a detective has to let his poor service dog go due to deteriorating health. Losing a friend and part of the family is extremely hard. His friends got together and raised money, painted a portrait, and framed it to help him get through this tough time.


    Took a brief break to prep for upcoming conference talks and workshops


    • http://www.highfiveconference.com/Raleigh-2016/sessions/breakout-infectious-inspiration/
    • http://www.creativesouthga.com/workshops/


    Fade Into You

    Week 4

    Mixed Media on Canvas ( ink,acrylic & aluminum foil )

    Inspired by love. The merging of two lives where you let go of guard and fade into we.


    Week 3

    Alcohol Inks & Sharpie on Yupo

    Inspired by my family all together in Breckenridge, Colorado.

    I longed to be with them and in Colorado skiing. It is my happy place.

    Isolation of Despair

    Week 2

    Alcohol Inks & Mixed Media on Wood Panel

    Inspired by an unexpected death of an old friend.
    Unexpected death can make you feel very isolated with overwhelming emotions.

    How you cope is a very personal and mentally troubling decision.


    His Eyes On Me

    Week 1


    Alcohol Ink & Sharpie on Canvas

    Inspired by Love & Lust

    Being watched is a very intimate occurrence.

    Sometimes, it is casual glances from a stranger but it
    can also be an intense emotional experience initiated by the one that you love.